Monday, April 4, 2011

Busy busy busy...

I can't believe we are into April already. Time sure flies. Little Marilee made some first steps this past week towards potty training. Yes, she has been going pee in her new potty (when Mommy catches her at the right time), and today, she also went ... the other thing...! Yes, Both ends made a deposit into her potty this morning and she and I celebrated by clapping our hands and then calling Grandma Pilling to give her a report. The rest of my day today is being spent getting ready to travel to Calgary tomorrow for two days. Robert has tests to do at the Children's Development Center with various doctors. We hope these tests will give us some answers into understanding Robert and his behaviors better. Cody, our dog, is going to a new dog-day care center to stay while we are away. Marilee, Robert, and I are just getting over our colds and now Dale is getting cold symptoms. Oh Dear. Hope all that we have to do this week we will do safely, and hope we can all be healthy and happy too while we are away. 

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Projects and Things To Do

  • Make time to Scrapbook and then DO IT
  • Decorate Marilee's Room with new Shelves
  • Repaint Shelves for Marilee's Room