Friday, March 25, 2011

Busy Week in review

WOW! The week has flown by with something happening every day. Trips to pet groomers and vet for vaccine updates for our cocker spaniel, first birthday celebrations for our little ballerina, Marilee who turned one (where has the year gone?), and visits to doctors office and then health clinic for Marilee too for first year check up and then vaccinations. To top it off, our son Robert got sick and stayed home from school these past two days. Now I'm also getting sick. Oh and we also had a visit to the Optomitrist in there somewhere with the whole family getting eye exams and Robert and I needing new perscriptions/glasses. I went to pick up my new glasses today and took Robert along because I was sure they said on phone both pairs were in, but Robert's were not done.  So, now I'm getting used to the supposedly correct perscription for my eyes with these new glasses and have a headache because of the adjustment on top of already feeling achey and yucky from this throat and nose cold setting in. YUCK! I hope little Marilee doesn't get sick too. I guess I might not know if it would be a reaction from the vaccinations or if she got sick from me is she develops any symptoms. All in all.. it's just been another crazy week in my life and I only got through it one day and one step at a time as usual.

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Projects and Things To Do

  • Make time to Scrapbook and then DO IT
  • Decorate Marilee's Room with new Shelves
  • Repaint Shelves for Marilee's Room