Friday, April 8, 2011

If you want Rainbows...

If you want Rainbows, you gotta have Rain!
I'm sitting here at my conputer and just looked up to my calendar. This rainbow quote is printed there. Sometimes life can be hard and we question why we have trials and hardships, difficult things to deal with that happen to us or those we love. We want to have "rainbows" instead. I remember when I was around 15 I wrote a poem that had the basic message that we have trials and strife because if we didn't we would have a boring life with nothing to do. Even though having a day without anything going wrong would seem like a welcome blessing, having every day like that might indeed get boring. So, we need to look for the positives, go jump in puddles, enjoy the raindrops as they fall. The rest of the message on my calendar pages says "By overcoming adversity, we find the joy in everything."
So, as we wait for the results of the two days of testing with Robert and more questionaires and information the team of doctors got from Dale and I, life will go on, day by day. I hope I'll see rainbows everyday and will try to look for them as I live each day, step by step.

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