Thursday, November 15, 2012

Time is flying by! I can't believe I have not kept up with coming here and blogging more. I told myself to do better at this, I really wanted to, yet here it is the middle of November and almost the end of another year and I have not done what I wanted with this blog of mine.

I spent a couple days with my mom this past week helping her at her house with her Christmas Decorations and her Christmas Tree. It seems like just yesterday that I was there doing it for last year... time really does fly by. Not sure if time and my days are flying by because I have a two year old I need to keep up with and enjoy so much? Ya, I think that is it. She is my joy. I keep taking photos of her as she grows and learns so many new things. I just need to be patient with myself and know that spending the time with her as she is growing is more important than blogging and doing actual scrapbook pages with all the photos I have taken. There is a BIG print job waiting with my digital camera card! LOL!

So with the Christmas Season fastly approaching, I suddenly feel overwhelmed with projects I WANT to do, some things I NEED to do, and another things are a MUST do. Time to start at making a dent in that list. Sorry, but blogging is just not a MUST do thing I suppose. We will see,... One step at a time!

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Projects and Things To Do

  • Make time to Scrapbook and then DO IT
  • Decorate Marilee's Room with new Shelves
  • Repaint Shelves for Marilee's Room