Sunday, July 22, 2012

Cleaning up my Scrap pile! And while I was at at, I put together two cards with some of the left over pieces of Core'Cardstock and some supplies I had out still from this Online Crop. I used the mini challenges I missed out on for the timed challenges on Saturday, which I missed as I was away from home.

One Card using the Outline technique, lay chipboard under the cardstock and sand the top of the cardstock to reveal the outline of the chipboard.

One Card using a tag, stamping, stitching, button, and sanding/tearing. The button was "stitched" onto the card by hand with needle and gold thread and also tried to hand stitch a zig zag in top corner by hand.

So, if I add everything up, I did all 13 main challenges and all 4 mini challenges (but two not submitted within the time limit)! Yeah! That's 5 cards, seven 12x12 layouts, and seven 8.5x11 layouts! Oh and Marilee's bonus tag of course with is still proudly displayed on our fridge! Now if only I can keep this up and keep scrapping each day, then maybe, just maybe, one day I will get "caught up"!


  1. Yeah for doing all challenges! Impressive! Great cards. You surely Mastered the outline technique much better than mé ;-)

  2. you're amazing ! It's all I can do to remember my name most days !


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