Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring is Here!

and the time is flying by! I can't believe my little baby girl will be turning 2 years old tomorrow. It is time to do some Spring Cleaning! I have a LONG LONG list of things that I keep saying I'm going to get to, and well, now it's about time to recommit myself to getting around to it! One day at a time, one task at a time! I Think I like spring cleaning resolutions much better than the New Year's resolutions. Maybe it has to do with the pressure everyone puts on New years time to make and keep resolutions. But now, the spring weather, sunny days, and such, seem to brighten the outlook on life and what you want to accomplish each day. Much easier to be positive with sun shining through the window than winter cold making you shiver at the thought of looking out a window. So, here's to making changes, cleaning house, and reorganizing life in general! Happy Spring! and Happy Birthday to my little miracle, Marilee!

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Projects and Things To Do

  • Make time to Scrapbook and then DO IT
  • Decorate Marilee's Room with new Shelves
  • Repaint Shelves for Marilee's Room